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Who is A.F??

This is our first post to share with the public what we've been up to at Assembly.Fashion (A.F).

Over the last few months we have been working to show the investment world that we are Powering the Future of Fashion Manufacturing.

First, we need to explain what A.F is all about...

A.F is not a brand, it is the name of the Designer marketplace division of REFASHIOND OS (rOS). We at rOS are building a Made-in-USA on-demand micromanufacturing network (dubbed a 'Demand Chain') and everything that is required to make it successful - the A.F marketplace is a core component.

Our collective mission is to solve the industry’s overproduction and environmental impact problems, while also creating jobs, new career paths and a rebirth for domestic factory owners who have struggled for decades.

A.F changes how Designers, Influencers and collaborating Artists can license their works to B2B Buyers for Made-in-USA on-demand production.

This is the point where most of the world's overproduction issues begin as B2B Buyers make 6 - 18 month future commitments based on sales projections to produce fashion in their farshore supply chains. As a result, the US alone has $50B in annual overproduction and waste - leading to a garbage truck equivalent of textiles going to landfills every second of every day!

The future is on-demand and local. The first rOS HQ Microfactory deployment will be in early 2022 with the rest of the US Demand Chain scaling over 5 years.

Learn more about the waste in fashion in our FAQ.

View from the Gerber Technologies Innovation Center in Hudson Yards. Gerber is a hardware and software partner of rOS
View from the Gerber Technology Innovation Center in Hudson Yards, NYC. Gerber has been a huge supporter of the rOS vision and has helped us along the way in many ways (see below)

Making History

The Maria x Curve collection marked a turning point that will shift brands to the rOS Demand Chain with less waste and increased bottom line profit.

The fashion collaboration between Maria Intscher-Owrang and the NYC street artist Curvazoid (aka Curve) is an opportunity for you to own a piece of this history and the shift toward the future of sustainable, local and on-demand manufacturing!

Former Ms Universe Paulina Vega-Dieppa modeling The Maria x Curve Lily Dress in LA. Colorway transitions provided by DressX

The Lily Dress (Woman's)

Paulina Vega-Dieppa modeling The Maria x Curve James Hoodie in LA. Colorway transitions provided by DressX

The James Hoodie (Unisex)

Making History for Fashion Designers

Independent Designers like Maria Intscher-Owrang (below left), who spent 25+ years with Alexander McQueen, Edun, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang and styling celebrities, find it hard to license their intellectual property to B2B Buyers because she does not have a large consumer following that mitigates the risk of farshore supply chain and marketing commitments.

Our Demand Chain solves this challenge because Designers can work closer with B2B Buyers to digitally merchandise and manufacture with minimal commitment on-demand.

Additionally, technology that you may have never heard of called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Smart Contracts are shifting power back to creators in general, which will change how assets are bought, sold, shared, protected, paid for, market tested and produced. We are bringing this technology to the table for Fashion Designers and Collaborators (i.e. Curve), which also benefits Consumers with proof of authenticity, tracking and tracing and more (see below).

This technology, combined with on-demand production, is also exciting for industry legends like Misa Hylton, who's story was told in the Netflix Documentary The Remix. See Maria and Misa's comments in the videos below.

Learn more about all of this in our FAQ.

Maria and Amal Clooney

Making History for Factory Owners

The US produced over 90% of our clothing domestically in the 1980s before brands outsourced to farshore supply chains chasing cheaper labor and the rise of a fast fashion economy.

US Factory Owners have struggled to survive since then and many of which are family owned and generational businesses. rOS is giving US Cut & Sew factories the ability to join our Demand Chain for consistent and profitable production using shared technologies and infrastructure that is orchestrated to overcome challenges associated with adopting on-demand production.

The Maria x Curve collection was assembled by a 40+ year old atelier in heart of NYC's Manhattan Garment District. The factory owner is excited to be the first to join our Demand Chain and take advantage of the new facilities, technologies and operating model.

Making History for Street and Print Artists

Street Artists like The Curvazoid from NYC have underground followings and incredible talent. However, the art is ephemeral and does not last long in a real world setting due to being painted over, cleaned, etc.

A.F gives Street Artists the opportunity to tokenize their art (using NFTs) to be used in the Fashion world as prints and colorways to live on and be enjoyed by consumers.

Curve has done collaborations with brands like Supreme and you can see just how valuable these works of art are in the secondary market HERE on StockX.

We are excited to unlock new opportunities for Street and Print Artists as well as other types of fashion collaborators to participate in our new model of on-demand production in the US and shared profits with domestic factories and workers.

Making History with NFTs for Consumer Value

Scanning the NFT tag on the cuff of the hoodie authenticates the purchase and ties the garment to the 'digital twin' owned by the consumer

Special Thanks to Gerber Technology

Gerber Technology, a Lectra Company, has been an incredible supporter of our vision since early 2020. We started working with Gerber through our sister organization, The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation, in support of PPE during the pandemic. We found great alignment in terms of our respective visions and Gerber's technology, which is featured in our Microfactory operating model.

Gerber has supported rOS in many ways from providing facilities for our Fashion Designer roundtable earlier this year to providing the digital printing project services for the Maria x Curve collection as a bridge to our HQ Microfactory launch. The Gerber Innovation Center in Hudson Yards originally sold us on core equipment for our facilities. Leveraging the Innovation Center for production printing project services further validated the Kornit waterless non-toxic Presto platform as well as how we plan to integrate Gerber hardware and software into the broader rOS technology stack for each Microfactory node.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with Gerber and Lectra to shape the future of fashion manufacturing.

The rOS Fashion Designer Roundtable held at Gerber Technology Offices in Hudson Yards, NYC

Sustainable Fabric Sourcing

Sustainable Waterless Non-Toxic

Digital Printing Technology

Modeling by Former Ms Universe

Stay tuned for more updates

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